Whoa, New Site!

Welcome to the new digs, dudes! Check back often for more info on this:

This is the Most Important

We have a couple neat-o shows coming up.

  • Thursday 1/30 – Keene State College w/Big D and the Kids Table
  • Saturday 2/1 – Iron Horse Music Hall w/The Snaz (email jcmandtops@gmail.com for pre-sale tickets)

That’s pretty much it. Oh, and we’re recording our new LP this Saturday! Stay tuned for an exclusive, special edition, never-before-seen sneak peak at the album art!!!!!!!!!

The ‘New CD on the Way’ Blog Post

Not much happens on this website nowadays, but we have arranged to record our sophomore LP on January 25th, and we thought you should know.  It’s going to be another 1-day recording endeavor.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming month(s)’s/s.


Our t-shirts are now available through our Bandcamp page! They make great wrapping paper for the Countertops CDs that you are most likely buying your loved one for Columbus Day this year.

Keene Music Fest

We have so many controversial stunts planned for this show. We’re going to be up to our necks in apology-tweets. We’re playing on the Lamson Street stage at 3:30.

There’s also this on Sunday. We play early.

Homegrown Bug Wraps

We had tons of fun playing Valley Homegrown this past Monday. Thanks to all the fine people at GCTV for being the cool people at GCTV.

The BikePike Tour in Keene was a blast, too. Thanks for seeking cover from the rain near us, everyone. Things are good here. Maybe we’ll blog more often.


Hey everyone, quick thing.  The shows page has been updated.   A couple other things have been, too.  This site isn’t gonna suck so much soon.  Thanks for being there.
Here’s a little something for your head:



It’s been too long.  We thought we’d recap some of the awesome moments we had in 2012. Well, here we go! Continue reading

Dogs, Darling’s, D.C.

Well, let’s recap once more. What a blast we’ve had this past week with all our pals, new and old, on our mini-tour with The Heligoats. Things started off for us last Thursday in Ithaca, NY, where we reunited with an old friend to play a Halloween show (the day after Halloween). Gypsy Gets Shotgun and Unicorn Harvest were superb hosts, and we hope to catch up with them again real soon. Here’s a glimpse at the madness that occurred… Continue reading

Stang, Stumes, Stank

Sunday was full of mixed emotions as we bid farewell to the era of the Danelectro and greeted, with open arms, the dawn of the Mustang. The Mustang brought joyful tidings of not-being-way-the-hell-out-of-tune, much to the chagrin of the Dano. Continue reading